It DIED :(

So I connected to the weather station the other day to be greeted with SD Card not detected. Poo, is about all I think about that. I am not sure yet if it was the card that died, or if it was the card reader that died. So I figure that its time to make some hard decisions and do what I probably should have done in the beginning and that was use a MYSQL database and just send the data across the home network or across the interwebs to my webserver that hosts this blog. Which kind of sucks because I have been putting off having to learn SQL or PHP for a long time.

So off to google to do some google foo and I find that there is a nice MYSQL library that takes care of all the drudgery, which is good as it will save me a lot of work.

First step was to jump on the webserver and make a new database and a table to save the data to. Job Done!

Next up was to write some code to connect to my home network and then connect to the database. Job Done!

Fire it up and it connects to the network and the database and sends the data just fine. Now all i have to do is pull the weather station down, bring it inside and upload the now modified code as well as fix the problem i was having with the rain sensor. It kind of sucks that I have lost all or most of the Febuary data, but it is what it is and I should never have relied on an SD card to do the job long term. Less moving part, less things to go wrong, oh well, i know for next time.