On Second Thoughts

After some tinkering and some testing i found out what the culprit was, it was the Barometric pressure sensor that went tits up and was causing the code to crash and reset the micro. The RTC clock also went belly up as well, well it still tells the time, but its the wrong time and for the life of me, i cannot get it to reset. On top of all that, its only been 7 weeks or there abouts outside and the chinesium oxide is taking over everything.

So, a total rebuild is the order of the day and lots and lots of conformal coating to try and mitigate the corrosion problems. One positive is that the solar charging system and batteries are in really good order. 7 weeks outdoors and the battery voltage was 4.17v so I cannot complain at that.

I do not have a spare pressure sensor so its going to be a few weeks to get parts out of china to fix it. In the mean time, the code is working at least and that is something.


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