Crystal Frequency Tester

Need a tool, make a tool as they say. Well i need to sort these 100’s of xtals into groups of similar frequency for use in xtal filters for an upcoming homebrew receiver project I have started. I have like 200 12mhz to sort through, so i should be good for a few filters at least. Its just a matter now i sitting here for a few hours and sort them all. Not looking forward to that. 🙂

No rocket surgery here, just your basic oscillator and buffer circuit that can be found all over the internet. Its simple, it works and it is reliable.

Built it up Manhattan style on a scrap of copper clad pcb. Yeah i love MeSquares to all you MeSquare fan boys out there. LOL

The Joy Of Oscillation, it works. 3 xtals checked, 100’s left to go.


More Metal Work

So i bought a new metal shear and thought I should take it for a few laps around the garage straight away to see how she goes. Well, it cuts a nice straight line obviously LOL. Anyway, I made a little case to house a AM broadcast band highpass filter in. While the fit and finish are not perfect, it is certainly serviceable. I did learn a bit and should be able to make nice slide in and out clam shell type boxes with much better tolerances.  Something i also did was add in some locating pins on the bending break, this made repeatability of the bends much better.