Boned In China

It was bound to happen eventually, anyone who buys parts off ebay gets stung and it was my turn. Looks like i got a packet of floor sweepings and rejects. Out of 120 xtals, 50% failed to even oscillate and the ones that did ranged in frequency from 11,996,000 to 11,999,600 with 4 being higher than 12mhz. Anyway, it is what it is and I will not be using that seller ever again and I will lodge for a refund. The 3 weeks wait has been the killer I wanted to get cracking on with filters for the receiver. ATM i do not have enough xtals the same frequency to even start. So, i just ordered some genuine parts from RS Components and will have them here within a couple of days and then I can move on.

That is the pile of dead or Q so poor that the amplitude of the sine wave was less than 1vpp compared to 4vpp on ones that were ok.