2016 CQWW

Now only if i paid attention to my logging, I would have been number 1 in OC. I lost so many points by typos. Multipliers for Russia and Westurn Australia as an example were lost because my logging program put the contacts in the wrong zone. Oh well, i only do this for a bit of fun and not seriously. It was heaps of fun though doing this contest QRP.


Ted Powell Memorial DX Contest.

The Ted Powell Memorial DX Contest is a contest run by the Fishers Ghost Radio Club in memory of Ted Powell VK2AU now silent key, who was an avid DXer who worked 301 DXCC with 300 confirmed. The contest runs each calendar quarter with the object to for entrants to work the 5 rarest dxcc they possibly can.

I found the format to be interesting and decided to put in an entry just for the fun of it and was very surprised to receive a 3rd place for working 5 pacific island stations, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Norfolk Island, Niue and Marshall Islands.

A big thanks to club and those who run the contest, and if you would like to enter the contest yourself, here is a link to their website. http://www.vk2au.org/#Results