Whats In The Garden ATM

The leaks are coming out today. They are still to small but we need the space to plant spring and summer crops.

The beans have been producing an abundance. They are always dependable.

These tomatos are self sown from the compost bin that was here. Goung to let them run and see what they are and what we get off them.

The roma tomatos are going well and will be flowering real soon.

The bloody hot chilies are looking real nice after the last burst of fruit.

Finally, the raspberries are starting to kick on, should have a lot of fruit late summer.


Summer Corn Crop

Most things are having a hard time with the summer heat, but the corn is going great guns. I spaced the plants a little farther apart this time and offset them. Next time I am thinking of running a single row along the back of each bed as some of the ones at the back have not gown as fully as others, I am thinking its because they are being shaded slightly. We’ll see, its a work in progress.


Baby Gherkin Cucumber

About a month ago we planted some gherkin cucumber seeds, with the idea of making dill pickled gherkins, well the trellised vines have started to flower and produce the first fruit. We have 6 vines in and looking at how much fruit is being produced we should get enough jars to last us a year 🙂


Summer Crops

Its summer time here and as most of our garden is on the western side of the house, its going to get hammered with the summer heat. We are not expecting things to go all that well, but we planted some corn, beans, beatroot and tomatoes. If we can get things established before we get the next heat wave things should be fine.


Raspberry Wine Update

So today i racked the raspberry wine off the lees and added some sweetness back into the wine. 25 grams of stevia was added, and after tasting i felt it still needed some sweetness, but the wife thought that it was just right. We agreed to leave it bulk age for a month or so then taste again and see what we think before bottling.

The pictures do not do justice to how clear and how pretty it looks. I added a back light to this shot and you can sort of get an idea of how it will look in a glass. Its a nice reddish pink with plenty of raspberry flavour. Will bottle it in a month and drink it at Christmas. I think it will go down a treat cold over ice on a hot summers day. Very refreshing. Looking forward to this one.


Its a Boy

I was reading that while making this recipe that most people do not add an airlock till about the 3rd or 4th day. Just cover the opening with a cloth to keep the bugs out. Well i found out why this is a good idea this morning, its jizzing out the top 🙂 Lesson learned.