January Weather Data

Time has flown and we are already a month into the year. So i have plugged all the data into a spreadsheet and performed some summery statistics and produced a few charts. The weather station itself has been almost flawless, it missed 3 out of 1498 observations for the month. Which has to be said is not to bad at all, with the code really being untested and there are probably bugs that still need to be ironed out. I will add the spreadsheet to the weather station page for download as well as the summery data in a table.

VK4FFAB Weather Station Data


Weather Station Data

So my weather station has been running for 21 days now on solar and batteries and other than a couple of glitches where it did not save any data its been running flawlessly. I have grabbed a copy of the data and ran it up in a spreadsheet and made a chart of the temperature data saved so far. Now this is by no means scientific accurate data, because the station itself is on the western side of my house, between two houses, but it is very representative of the micro climate of my vegetable garden, which due to being up against the house and the western aspect gets smashed in summer because of the heat and from what I can tell so far, tracks about 3 degrees C higher than the actual temperature. At the end of the month I will put up graphs for temp, humidity and barometric pressure as well as the raw data for the month.