Morse Code

While learning morse sounds daunting, it is really not all that hard. Its one of those things that you just have to put some effort into and a lot of time. My theory on it is this, get a key and start learning to send the letters at a fair speed say 15 words per minute, learn what your call sign sounds like, what a contest type exchange sounds like and then just get on the air and start doing morse.

Yes, some old timers will hate you, yes you will have people tell you it is the wrong way about but honestly WHO CARES most of them wont give the time of day anyway to help you learn and get better, so fuck them, they are irrelevant. Once upon a time there were Novices doing 5wpm on air most nights of the week, so there is nothing that says you cannot suck, make mistakes and do everything wrong, go slow, use a decoder if you have to, the most important thing is to start.

The sooner you start and get on air using morse the quicker you will improve, it will be a slow road, but who cares. Are you planning to be dead in the next 5 to 10 years? If not, then it does not matter if it takes you 10 years to be good enough to rag chew, you are not going to be dead, you are not doing this as a job, so relax, take your time and enjoy it. And besides, most rag chewers are bed wetters anyway moaning about all sorts of shit that is not to their liking, so work the 5NN DX, work the SOTA, IOTA and WWFF guys, work the contest stations. Hone your skills, do it on air and have fun and remember that you are an AMATEUR, you do not have to be perfect, you have your whole lifetime to gain perfection so do not rush.