The Weather Station Returns

The Weather Station

Yes its true, the weather station returns for 2019. I finally pulled my finger out and pulled down the old one, removed its electronics, put it in a new box and moved from the western facing side of my house to the eastern side where it will not face direct sun that obviously skews the temperature readings
All that failed on the old setup, which would have been obvious if i went and took a look at it, was the USB connectors from the solar panels to the battery charger rusted and lost a stable ground connection. Obviously a bad thing when using lithium batteries that do not like to be drained and kept drained. And so, it killed the cells
So at the moment the weather station is running off a wall wart, but I am going to add battery backup for the odd time that the power goes down. Not that losing a little data here or there would really be a big issue anyway. But it gives me something to tinker with.