Weather Station

With the arrival of some solar panels and an ADC in the post today, its back to the weather station to getting it fully working by January. I have worked out where its going to live, now i just have to put the door on the front, some bug screen over the vents and paint it white so that it stays as cool as possible in the harsh unforgiving Australian Summer.

The panels apparently put out 1amp each at 5v. Yeah right, but 1 is putting out enough current to turn on the charge circuit and so thats a win. 2 Panels should in theory keep the batteries fully charged in the daytime and run everything, just fine. 2 might even be overkill, but I do not want to run out of battery because its been cold and overcast for 5 days. But hey I think my math is ok and it should survive 5 days without sun.


QRP Labs Phasing Receiver Part 2.

Well i have it all built, now i need to dig out a DDS LO and give her some power and see if it is a skookum choocher or if the pixies turn to smoke and leave the building just like Elvis. I did not enjoy building this all that much, the form factor is tiny and everything is stuffed in there as tight as it can be. But, if all goes well, tonight we might hear something coming out of a speaker.


Thieving Bastards

So the other day while out shopping, we came home and a neighbour from up the street informed up that some woman was casing camper trailers and carvans up and down the street looking for easy targets. He got her rego and reported to police, but I thought i better upgrade security here just in case the bitch comes back. Added a new wheel clamp, and a bolt and lock on the tow hitch to go with the existing chain thought the wheel trick. It wont stop them, but it will slow the bastards down.


Baby Gherkin Cucumber

About a month ago we planted some gherkin cucumber seeds, with the idea of making dill pickled gherkins, well the trellised vines have started to flower and produce the first fruit. We have 6 vines in and looking at how much fruit is being produced we should get enough jars to last us a year ๐Ÿ™‚


Summer Crops

Its summer time here and as most of our garden is on the western side of the house, its going to get hammered with the summer heat. We are not expecting things to go all that well, but we planted some corn, beans, beatroot and tomatoes. If we can get things established before we get the next heat wave things should be fine.


QRP Labs Phasing Receiver

While QRP Labs makes some wonderful kits, they really could do with adding 20% more board area so that old sausage fingers can got in there and do some Da Finger Poken. I get that some things really need to be packed in tight, but others do not and I think the filter boards can be much bigger and contain a 2nd set of holes for the wires rather than trying to solder them to the tops of the header pins. Anyway that’s enough moaning from me. The kit is going together wellย  all tests have been successful and I am confident that it will eventually power on and work.

I got reading glasses a few months back, but I can tell you I am really noticing how hard some things are to do, to solder that one smd park i had to use both my glasses and the huge magnifying glass to get the job done ๐Ÿ™‚

I love it when a plan comes together, needed 3.1uh on the 2 inductors, and guess what I got, 3.1uh HAHAHA.


I still have the polyphase board to build. Then i need to start working out what bits i am going to add to it to make it complete. Arduino and SI5351A obviously and some kind of AF amp should do the trick. More on this to come.